Happy Endings in Erotic Massage Parlours

Published On February 3, 2017 | By Jacks Jose | Dating

Happy endings are often thought of as being a quick and easy service performed in shanty like parlours here in the US, but let us open your eyes to places where a happy ending isn’t just an afterthought but forethought.

Yes, Virginia, there are places where paying for sex won’t get you arrested.

In countries where erotic massage parlours are legal, they are not sleazy feeling or smelling joints. They are often plush inviting businesses that are unmarked and unassuming (aside from their neon ‘open’ signs and blacked out windows). Type into Google what you’re looking for and bam a list will pop up. If you’re looking for an Asian erotic massage or a Japanese Nuru Massage (aka bodyslide massage), you can find it. Maybe you want a traditional massage with a twist (that happy ending but not rushed), you can find that as well.

Erotic massage parlours give you the massage plus the sexual service you are craving be it from oral sex or full on sex or something in between. In Japan, it’s not kosher for all massage parlours to have penetration so they have “soaplands” which is a spinoff of bathhouses.  Japan is best at being super sneaky about sex yet overtly advertising it as well to get through the loop holes of Japanese laws.

In places where erotic massage parlours are legal, they often offer five star rooms and masseuses, and employ staff that are actually trained or qualified to perform Swedish and remedial massages, meaning you’ll pay for quality and come out the other side feeling like a new man all over.

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