How to be a good naughty dater

Published On May 3, 2016 | By Jacks Jose | Dating

Naughty dating is on the rise thanks to the magic power of the internet. No longer do we need for our dating activities to be serious and committed, instead it is now easier to meet people for a bit of non-committal fun than it has ever been before. But just because things are easier doesn’t mean that casual dating is as simple as clicking our fingers, and there are indeed a few things we can do which can go a long way into making us a good and successful naughty dater.

Being sure of what we want

The first step is to figure out exactly what we want and what we enjoy doing. Some of us will want to stick to the same partner for our salacious activities, whilst others will just want to meet and fuck as many people as they can, enjoying the diversity that life has to offer. Even within casual sex, some people will still show forms of commitment and exclusivity. It can feel safer meeting with the one person regularly, and it can develop to be more fun as we really get to discover them sexually in more depth every time we meet with them. On the other side, hooking up with multiple partners is riskier but of course it feels more exciting. I all case, the first and best thing to do is to figure out what we want and find the right place to approach the right people about it.

Sexual experience is still important

Again, you don’t need to be a master in karma sutra, but a good place to start is to find out what you enjoy doing in bed and what makes you tick. It will make it easier when searching for partners, as you can tell them what you enjoy and what you can offer them sexually. So with regards to that, it is good that you look back at your sexual experiences and figure out what you are good at and what doesn’t work great for you.

Being considerate and making the effort

Being a sexual tyrannosaurus is not the only factor which contributes to us being a good naughty dater, and whilst it does help, it is by far the less important factor which makes us a good bedroom partner. Here is the thing: people want to enjoy their time with you; so as good as you are in the sack, making the effort to dress properly and to be hygienic, as well as making sure you are considerate to your partner’s needs and wants will go much further into making you a good casual partner than your abilities in bed.

Ultimately, most of us have it in them to be a good naughty dater, and just because it is casual sex doesn’t mean that we have to treat our partners with nothing less than the most absolute respect. The more we do for them, the better the chance that they will have a good time, which will lead to them calling us again for more naughty fun. So just know yourself, be a nice person, be considerate and good times will come to you!

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