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Published On May 26, 2016 | By Jacks Jose | Chating

Whilst some of us enjoy dating in the contemporary sense, serious relationships are not made for everyone. There are in fact many different ways to date, whether it is serious dating or something more casual and fun. And when it comes to meeting people online, we have to chat before we meet, it is one of the necessary things to do in order for people to discover each over to see if they are compatible or not.

What to say and do

The first thing to know is that your chat should be relevant to the sort of dating you are going for. Naughty dating is quite a particular activity, and with it comes a set of rules, things to do and not to do. This can definitely be applied to using online fuck chat rooms, where what you say will determine whether people are interested in meeting with you.

Naughty dating is all about sex, so the first thing people are interested is what you look like. Make sure you describe yourself appropriately, enhancing your more positive features. A recent photo will speak more than words so make sure you use a good and relevant picture of yourself. No point photo shopping it, after all people will find out you lied once they meet you so stay honest about your looks.

The next thing to do is to know what to talk about beyond just describing yourself physically. Since you are looking to have sex, start talking about what you enjoy doing in bed, and also talk about the things you do not like. This will help people determine whether you and they could have good sexual compatibility. Also, make sure you show some interest towards what they want to do. Ask them questions about their favourite sexual practices and positions, it will show that you are considerate and it will indicate to them that having sex with you won’t be just a one way stream.

What not to say and do

When talking online, there are certain things to avoid talking about, this can be because those things can be irrelevant, but also because ultimately you do not want to offend people. Furthermore, certain things are best kept quiet to make sure you keep your privacy together.

The most important thing is do not be rude or unpleasant, instead show respect and be friendly. This might sound logical but a lot of people think that sex talk has to be nasty, probably due to the influence of watching too many porno clips or sex movies. Those are just movies which are made to please certain type of people, and they do not reflect how things work in reality. So stay nice and people will it appealing to talk to you.

The most important thing is to keep your private life in check, and as such you should never give personal details such as your family name, your address or phone number, at least until you’ve talked to the person multiple times and you feel confident that you can trust them.


Just make sure to keep your head together, keep your wits with you and your online chat will go well. Ultimately, as long as you are polite, respectful and careful, then you will have the best chat you can have, and who knows, it might just lead to having that naughty date you where looking forwards to!

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